On Moorea, in collaboration with the INTEGRE project, RESCCUE first carried out an in-depth assessment with residents at the ‘Opunohu pilot site in order to understand and give due weight to the site’s historical, social and cultural background. Using a participatory approach, the project helped identify actions and propose a new governance method for sustainable local development of the site. A number of priority activities were also carried out and then evaluated. 

In the Gambier Islands, the work carried out with all the stakeholders via a participatory approach made it possible to jointly develop a document entitled Nukutaireva (“Land, Sea, Sky” in Mangarevian). Seven sustainable development goals, 26 objectives and 32 actions for the area over the next 20 years were identified –15 of which were carried out during the project. Several governance arrangements were discussed with the various stakeholders involved and municipal authorities are now considering the establishment of a management committee.