On Moorea, the project helped control shoreline erosion at two sites of social, environmental and economic importance, i.e. Tahiamanu Beach, one of the last public beaches on Moorea, and the Pahani site.

RESCCUE did baseline studies of the Tahiamanu and Pahani sites (erosion, environments, uses), proposed the softest possible restoration solutions and carried out a multi-criteria analysis of those solutions to assist decision-makers in choosing the best ones. For example, for the Tahiamanu site, it was decided to implement a
combination of actions designed to stabilise the shore through replanting, replenish the sand that has been lost and build an underwater structure with coral reseeding.

The project then mobilized additional funding to carry out the work, which largely exceeded RESCCUE’s funding capacities. So the Tourism Department will begin work on Tahiamanu Beach during the first half of 2019. As for the municipality of Moorea, they have committed to take care of work at Pahani.