Although RESCCUE was supposed to provide support for setting up ICM plans at pilot sites, there were no document or existing regional guidelines to help operators and stakeholders do so. Since INTEGRE was facing the same situation, the two projects joint forces to fill that gap, with the objective that ICM plans be developed and implemented rationally and consistently on RESCCUE and INTEGRE sites, while adapted to local circumstances.
The two projects therefore initially produced:

The guidelines where then updated and upgraded in a new document towards the end of the projects to draw lessons from implementation at INTEGRE and RESCCUE pilot sites.

In addition, given that participatory approaches have been at the core of both INTEGRE and RESCCUE’s support to ICM, from identifying the issues and needs to developing and implementing the resulting ICM plans, the two projects co-organized a regional workshop on public participation in environmental management and decision-making. The main objectives were to get feedback about the two projects implementation and identify best practices as well as Pacific specificities in terms of both opportunities and challenges. These can be found in the workshop outcomes report.