Feral pigs and Rusa deers have spread widely and are causing significant damage to forests, farmland and water resources, with major economic impacts. In order to better regulate the populations of these two species, RESCCUE:

  1. Built the capacities and strengthened the operational capabilities of a local tribal hunting association, Tipwoto, to increase hunting activities, particularly in the drinking water catchment area;
  2. Tested a lottery and individual hunting competition, also designed to strengthen hunting activities. The test came to an end on 25 August 2018 during Touho’s municipal festival. The results are being analysed and will soon be available on line;
  3. Studied the possibilities of selling wild venison from hunts in New Caledonia as a potential incentive mechanism. This study, which was conducted in partnership with the New Caledonia Natural Areas Conservancy (CEN) and which received extensive media coverage, was presented to the public on 30 July 2018 and is available here.