RESCCUE supported the establishment of community Waste Committees in several villages to plan and implement waste management activities, with the help of a Community Waste Toolkit. Waste collectors and recycling bins were established in several villages, as well as road side waste collection stations. Waste collection trials were organized with the Port Vila Municipality using its yellow plastic rubbish bags. As a result, the Municipality now circles the island ring-road once a week to collect the bags.

A plastic waste campaign was organised to support the Vanuatu Government’s initiative to ban certain single-use plastics, effective on 1 July 2018. A Plastic Waste Play was specifically developed and performed by local NGO Wan Smolbag Theater, a Plastic Free ‘Taleva’ Parade went across all North Efate, and posters and a comic book were distributed in villages and schools. Finally, workshops and waste separation and composting trainings were delivered including in several schools where composts have been established.