RESCCUE Project in Vanuatu - Theme 3: Waste Management

Litter was an important issue in North Efate (Vanuatu) as people disposed of plastics and other non-degradable waste the same way they used to do it with natural rubbish. RESCCUE supported local communities through the Tasi Vanua and Nguna Pele Environment Networks to raise population awareness, establish selective waste sorting and organize waste collection in partnership with the Port Vila municipality.

People interviewed : 

Leisavi Joel – community champion
George Kalkaua – community champion
Salome Kalo – Food Security officer
Donald James Aromaldo – President of the Tasivanua Network
Adam Fraser – Vanuatu RESCCUE coordinator 
Charlie Harry – Vice secretary of Tasivanua
Presley Dovo – Entomologist
Simeon Polilapa – chief of Mele village
Raphael Billé – RESCCUE project coordinator
Jean Baptiste Marre – RESCCUE deputy project coordinator
Glarinda Andre – Project coordinator Live&Learn
Peter Askey – Waste Management expert 
Suzy Kenneth – Store Owner
Percy Sam – Community member
Virana David – Actress at Wan Smol Bag Theater


Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (CCES)