Use of economic analysis in RESCCUE


  • Economic analysis in general, and ecosystem services economic valuation (ESV) in particular, are often presented as effective tools for decision-makers to achieve sustainable development objectives. 
  • Pacific Island Countries and Territories express rising interest for such tools. However, experience so far has been based on what economists had to offer rather than on stakeholders’ needs, and there is a growing concern over the lack of use of economic analyses results.
  • Social processes leading to decisions call for a pragmatic, demand-driven — as opposed to supply-driven – approach to allow economic analyses to actually make a difference. 
  • RESCCUE therefore developed and applied a demand-driven approach. From 2015 to 2018, various economic analyses were conducted in order to achieve pre-identified, co-constructed policy or management objectives in Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia (Northern and Southern Provinces) and Vanuatu. 
  • A wide array of economic analyses were mobilized: ecosystem services valuation, estimation of willingness-to-pay, cost benefit and cost effectiveness analyses, etc. The context of Pacific Islands raised specific challenges for their use, which was mostly informative - as opposed to technical or decisive. 
  • The role, engagement and commitment of economic analysis end-users is at the core of a demand-driven approach. How it is envisioned, operated and by whom will determine its relevance and effectiveness.

A synthesis article has been publish in Ecosystem Services.

Pearls from the Gambier - French Polynesia (©Alexis Rosenfeld)
Pearls from the Gambier - French Polynesia (©Alexis Rosenfeld)
Landscape from the Great South - New Caledonia (©SPC)
Landscape from the Great South - New Caledonia (©SPC)
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