North Efate – Vanuatu

The RESCCUE project was implemented in Vanuatu under the supervision of both SPC and the Government of Vanuatu by WSP Opus in association with Development Services, OceansWatch, Landcare Research, Live and Learn Vanuatu, and C2O consulting. 

Activities ended early November 2018 with a participatory lessons learned workshop held in Emua, North Efate, and the last Vanuatu steering committee meeting. Participants expressed their satisfaction with most of the project’s outcomes, especially the Tasi-Vanua network Resource centre built in Emua and the newly established North Efate Conservation Fund. 

The final RESCCUE project report for Vanuatu provides an overview of all activities and outcomes at the North Efate pilot site. A synthesis is also accessible here

RESCCUE developed its activities in North Efate in an integrated coastal management (ICM) and climate change resilience perspective. In line with its overall rationale, the project endeavored to reduce non-climate stressors on the ecosystems so as to increase their resilience as well as the resilience of communities depending on them. Activities were divided in five broad areas synergetic with one another.


Maps of pilot site
North Efate
Activités du projet RESCCUE à Nord Efate (Vanuatu)
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Activities undertaken in North Efate, Vanuatu
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Note d'orientation: promotion des outils transactionnels au service de la conservation et de la résilience climatique à Vanuatu
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Policy brief: advancing transaction tools for conservation and climate resilience in Vanuatu
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Atelier de capitalisation : site de Nord Efate – Vanuatu - compte-rendu
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RESCCUE lessons-learnt workshop: North Efate – Vanuatu - report
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Strengthening the mitigation hierarchy implementation in Vanuatu: incorporating strategic environmental assessment into planning and environmental impact assessment
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North Efate integrated coastal management plan : 2017-2022
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Final project report : North Efate, Vanuatu
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North Efate Forest Identification Booklet
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Mid–term diagnosis: North Efate, Vanuatu
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Invasive species and ecological restoration diagnosis and action plan: North Efate,Vanuatu
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Deliverable 2: mechanism review - exploring opportunities for land and land rights transactions for conservation and climate change resilience in Pacific Islands Countries and Territories
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Feasibility study of financial and economic mechanisms for integrated coastal management in North Efate, Vanuatu
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Community-based Marine Management: A guide for effective tabu areas
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Vanuatu Community Marine Monitoring Toolkit
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Efate land management area (ELMA) Bioblitz: summary report
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Waste and wastewater management diagnosis and action plan - North Efate, Vanuatu
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Initial Diagnosis of the North Efate pilot site, Vanuatu
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Climate change impacts in North Efate, Vanuatu
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