RESCCUE Project in Vanuatu - Theme 4: Protect Marine Resources

RESCCUE helped develop a marine monitoring toolkit for the local communities in North Efate (Vanuatu) to use to manage their marine resources. The toolkit brings traditional knowledge, which is plentiful, and science together in a tool that is both locally relevant and useful for Vanuatu Fisheries Department in terms of data collection.

People interviewed: 

Leisavi Joel – community champion
George Kalkaua – community champion
Salome Kalo – Food Security officer
Donald James Aromaldo – President of the Tasivanua Network
Adam Fraser – Vanuatu RESCCUE coordinator
Charlie Harry – Vice secretary of Tasivanua
Presley Dovo – Entomologist
Simeon Polilapa – chief of Mele village
Raphael Billé – RESCCUE project coordinator
Jean Baptiste Marre – RESCCUE deputy project coordinator
Roger Tamata – Workshop trainee
Salome Kalo – Food security Officer
John Ronneth – Community Facilitator
Johanna Johnson – RESCCUE marine team leader
Jeremie Kaltavara – Department of Fisheries Senior Biologist
George Kalkaua – Community Champion
Floria Kalsau – workshop trainee


Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (CCES)