Support to setting up and managing protected areas


  • Setting up and managing protected areas was part of RESCCUE’s strategy to strengthen integrated coastal management and climate-change resilience.
  • The project helped set up two new land and marine protected areas in Fiji and New Caledonia covering a total of over 1,300 sq. km.
  • RESCCUE also strengthened management of several dozen provincial and local protected areas enjoying official or community status across all the pilot sites. It assisted with strengthening a network of 13 protected areas in the Great South of New Caledonia.
  • The project examined six types of funding mechanisms for protected areas, two of which were implemented: the North Efate conservation fund in Vanuatu, which is funding locally managed marine areas, and a marine conservation agreement for the Vatu-i-Ra Marine Conservation Park in Fiji.
Tabu area in North Efate, Vanuatu (©SPC)
Tabu area in North Efate, Vanuatu (©SPC)
Setting up and managing protected areas
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Community-based Marine Management: A guide for effective tabu areas
12.23 MB Download
Efate land management area (ELMA) Bioblitz: summary report
35.76 MB Download
North Efate Forest Identification Booklet
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Vanuatu Community Marine Monitoring Toolkit
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Vatu-I-Ra conservation park management plan
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Freshwater tabus and protected areas: an overview of benefits and costs of implementation for practitioners
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Coastal community-based protected areas,mangroves protection and fisheries management in Ra Province: diagnosis and action plan
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Establishment and maintenance of protected areas in Kadavu Province - Diagnosis and action plan
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Feasibility study of economic and financial mechanisms for integrated coastal management in the Ra Province, Fiji
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Freshwater community-based protected areas and fisheries management in Ra Province: diagnosis and action plan
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Création et gestion des aires protégées
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Stratégie pour le réseau d’aires protégées du grand Sud (y compris Côte Oubliée) à l’horizon 2025
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Evaluation des coûts de gestion du actuel d’aires protégées du Grand Sud
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Diagnostic du réseau d’aires du Grand Sud, province Sud de Nouvelle-Calédonie
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Appui à la mise en place du processus de révision du PGEM de Moorea.
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